Woman Gets Fluffy White Puppy, But It Doesn't Bark. A Year Later She Finally Learns Why

Woman Gets Fluffy White Puppy, But It Doesn't Bark. A Year Later She Finally Learns Why

20. He Was Very Cute

Getting a puppy is exciting and caring for one is equally challenging and rewarding. They’re so adorable when they are small and clueless about what they should do or not and we can’t be mad at them when they get into trouble. We all know they require a lot of care and love. A responsible owner should housetrain them and teach them to be good doggies. That was all Ms. Wang was planning to do when she got her first Japanese Spitz puppy. She was ready to go through all those experiences, but little did she know that her puppy would be very special.

A young woman from China by the name of Ms. Wang entered a pet shop and chose to buy her first puppy. The Japanese Spitz is quite popular in Asia, and Ms. Wang fell in love with the first fluffy Spitz she saw. She had no idea that her puppy would be so picky and difficult to handle…

 19. Taking the Puppy Home 

She took her new pup home from the animal shop. He learned where his bed was and soon grew accustomed to his new house and his human. The little ball of fur was a great companion, but there was one problem…

18. He Was So Fluffy 

The dog’s fur was so beautiful, but when the puppy started growing and some of its features didn’t look like those of a Japanese Spitz. Thinking it was a mixed breed and the animal shop fooled her, the owner ended up keeping him because it wasn’t her pup’s fault that he wasn’t a pure breed. But she had no idea that things were more complicated than that!

17. He Looked A Little Like A Spitz 

Her pup looked like a Spitz: he was white, he had the same height, but his snout was longer and his tail was a lot fluffier than it was supposed to be. Then, something else was odd: he didn’t bark at all. Prepare to see the puppy all grown up and you’ll soon understand the owner’s shock!

16. The Puppy Transformed 

All puppies look fat and fluffy when they’re only a couple of months old. Then, they grow and many don’t even keep their features as they become adults. But Ms. Wang’s pup transformed! Here’s what she said about her dog in an interview…

15. Something Was Weird 

Believe it or not, but Ms. Wang’s story became viral. In an interview with the media, she saw her puppy’s “fur got thicker when it reached three months old.” Then, its “face became pointy and its tail grew longer than that of a normal dog.” But that wasn’t the only strange thing about it –other dogs were wary of her pup!

14. She Had To Walk It On A Leash 

Her little dog wanted to play with others when she took her outside, but she saw that “other pet dogs seemed to be scared by my pet, so I walked it on a leash.” Wang again thought her dog was weird, so she finally went to an expert when her puppy started to eat less… What was wrong with him?

13. The Japanese Spitz Breed 

When people look to buy a certain breed, they’re interested into the traits of that breed. The Japanese Spitz is cute, loyal, loving and intelligent. Wang’s pet was exactly like that but lacked some physical traits. Now that he didn’t want to eat, she had to take it to the vet.

12. Her Pup Was Indeed Special 

What Ms. Wang didn’t know was that her puppy was not a purebred, but an extremely special pup. After seeing the vet, she couldn’t believe her little pet was not actually a dog! Yes, you read that right! Here’s how she found out…

11. This Is Not A Dog! 

Ms. Wang took her “dog” to the vet and the man was speechless. He looked at her and saw that she was also wandering if she indeed took care of a dog for a whole year. The vet told her that she was holding a wild animal and gave her more information, then guiding her to the local zoo. What was she holding in her arms?

10. That’s a White Fox 

Going to the zoo, a staffer looked at Ms. Wang and his jaw dropped. She was holding a gorgeous white fox. He stopped her and asked her the story and wondered how she ended up with a fox as a pet and what was she doing there… Here’s where things get interesting!

9.The Fox Cub At the Pet Shop 

Unfortunately for future dog owners that don’t know to tell breeds apart, some pet shops sell white fox cubs as Spitz puppy because they kits look identical with the puppies. But as you can see at Ms. Wang’s “dog,” he grew a long fluffy tail and a pointy face. What did Ms. Wang do after finding out about her pup’s origin?

8. The Foxes Have A Strong Smell 

All foxes have a certain smell, explained the staffer at the zoo. Thankfully, her pup didn’t reach that age when the smell grows stronger.Ms. Wang is not the only “dog” owner that ended up buying a fox. Many animal stores trick customers into buying white foxes. But then, they end up wondering how to handle this wild animal they didn’t even want to own… But the woman knew what to do with her pup!

7. Taking Better Care Of Her Fox 

Ms. Wang now knew why her pup didn’t bark or ate kibble. Foxes need to eat raw meat or else they get sick. Her “dog” refused kibble and only accepted chicken. Now she realized that he needed to live his life in a larger space, and play with others of his kind. But that meant giving him up and sending him to a sanctuary…

6. Living a Better Life 

The woman took a heart-breaking decision and later returned to the zoo, asking if they had white foxes in there and if they had a spare room for her beloved “dog.” Thankfully, they accepted him! He was domesticated and wouldn’t have survived alone in the wild.Ms. Wang received some great news from the zoo!

5. A New Home 

The fox was in for a treat as he saw others like him that finally accepted him. Her little fox was in good care now! He had a proper diet and veterinary care whenever he needed, and his mom knew that it was the best decision. Plus, his large enclosure allowed him all the freedom he needed. Then, the staff at the zoo told Ms. Wang, she could always come and visit him!

4. A Heartbreaking Goodbye 

Ms. Wang was heartbroken when she had to say goodbye, but she knew her puppy was in good hands. She could come see him whenever she wanted to, and it was all she needed to hear.

3. Why Having a Fox as a Pet Is A Bad Idea? 

As with all wild animals, it’s always a bad idea to keep them away from their natural habitat just to have them as pets. While Ms. Wang had no idea that she owned a fox, others especially look to get an exotic animal as pets, and it’s so sad to see them leashed and not seeing others of their kind…

2. Getting a Puppy 

It’s always good to know what puppy to get and make sure that, if you don’t adopt one from the shelter, you get the right breed for you. Ms. Wang was tricked one, but if she tries to get another puppy, she’d better get an expert or try another breed!

1. How Not To Buy a Wolf or a Fox? 

Many people from Asia ended up buying a fox instead of a Japanese Spitz. The same happened to people in the US when they thought they’d get a German Shepherd mixed breed, and they ended up with a high content wolf dog! They all went through some strange moments like Ms. Wang, and had to search for a proper sanctuary for their beloved domesticated yet wild “puppies”…

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