NFL: US football star Antonio Brown accused of rape

NFL: US football star Antonio Brown accused of rape

The new rookie of the New England Patriots, the defending champions, is accused by his former coach.

Antonio Brown, here on August 15th, assures that the sexual relations between Britney Taylor and himself were granted. AFP / Getty Images / Christian Petersen
He denies the facts. Antonio Brown, one of the top receivers of the National Football League (NFL), who has just joined the defending New England Patriots, has been charged with rape by his former fitness coach, who filed a federal complaint in Florida, Tuesday.

Brown, 31, is charged with sexually assaulting Britney Taylor, 28, three times in 2017 and 2018 while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. "As a rape victim on the part of Antonio Brown, making the decision to speak was difficult," said Taylor in a statement released by his lawyers.

"I found strength in my faith, my family and those who survived sexual assault. Releasing my word takes away the shame I felt last year and sends it back to the person responsible for my rape, "she added. Antonio Brown, for his part, denied having acted, also through his lawyers, assuring that the sexual relations between Britney Taylor and himself had been granted.

"She shouted and repeated no and stop" 

According to the federal complaint filed in the South Florida District, Britney Taylor, who met Brown in 2010 while at Central Michigan University, was hired by the player in 2017 to help her improve her flexibility. In June that year, Brown allegedly assaulted Taylor twice during training sessions.

Taylor, who initially put an end to their professional relationship following these alleged incidents, agreed to rework with Brown after his apology. But on May 20, 2018, Brown would have forced Taylor to lie on a bed and raped her. "She tried to resist, she shouted and repeated no and stop. But Brown refused and penetrated it, "he explains in the complaint.

The complainant stated in her release that she would like to cooperate with the NFL during the investigation.

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